Fair value of distributed generation (feed-in tariff) project

This project is now completed.

For a quick summary of our findings, download our

For a longer summary, read our series of articles in RenewEconomy (parts one, two and three), or download the full articles as PDF.
For a really long version, download the final Research Report and Annotated Bibliography.
Below is an explanation of the project and full list of outputs from the project including submissions to various state reviews.

Project description

Research review and advocacy on the fair value of distributed generation” was a project funded by Energy Consumers Australia.  It’s aim is to summarise existing research and undertake advocacy on setting a fair feed-in tariff for solar customers in Australia, with particular reference to review processes currently underway in Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

The project includes involvement from:

  • Solar Citizens
  • Alternative Technology Association
  • Australian Solar Council
  • Total Environment Centre
  • Clean Energy Council
  • Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance

This project was funded by Energy Consumers Australia as part of its grants process for consumer advocacy projects and research projects for the benefit of consumers of electricity and natural gas. The views expressed in this document do not necessarily reflect the views of Energy Consumers Australia.

Project outputs

The project is now completed. Outputs (most recent first) were:

For more information contact Jack Gilding, jack.gilding (at) backroad.com.au or (0407) 486-651